Responsive table
Name E-mail Status
Branson Rath Success
Caleb Walsh Important
Estelle Stehr Warning
Jamar Grant Important
Fannie Barrows Important

Striped non-responsive table
Name E-mail Status
Alexandro Hermann Warning
Marisol Baumbach Success
Zane McLaughlin Important
Mckenzie Brekke Important
Casper Rempel Warning

Striped and hovered table
Name E-mail Status
Carrie Christiansen Important
Leslie Erdman Success
Chelsie Pfannerstill Success
Ana Rolfson Warning
Nikki Pouros Warning

Striped, hovered and bordered table
Name E-mail Status
Veronica Hermann Success
Selena Lubowitz Warning
Marjolaine Keeling Important
Betty Rippin Success
Abdul Tremblay Important

Dynamic tables

Dynamic datables can handle large data collections, sorting, filtering...
Sortable data table with pagination
Name E-mail Status
Elissa Shanahan Success
Joannie Medhurst Important
Santos Toy Important
Julie Heathcote Important
Harry Altenwerth Important
Leonard Gerhold Success
Elvie Rempel Warning
Foster Lang Important
Carmela Schiller Success
Cathrine Pagac Important
Darwin Kub Warning
Gerard Barrows Success
Sage Hane Success
Reynold Schneider Success
Ike Abshire Success
Roel Zulauf Important
Jacynthe Koss Success
Vickie Friesen Important
Susanna Jenkins Important
Dominic Hermiston Warning

Data table with column filter in footer
Name E-mail Status
Titus Bahringer Warning
Leora Murphy Warning
Frankie Ruecker Important
Norberto Pfannerstill Important
Sean Breitenberg Warning
Hadley Smith Warning
Aida Goodwin Important
Jodie Vandervort Success
Cielo Howe Important
Heloise Metz Important
Heather Mitchell Important
Jalyn Jacobs Success
Assunta Hyatt Important
Alverta Hilll Important
Giovanni Grimes Warning
Delia Jakubowski Success
Jonatan Miller Success
Johnny Ebert Important
Jacey Brown Success
Jeffrey O'Hara Success
Name E-mail Status